​Sue Lesch Photography

Senior/Family Photo Sessions:  

$75 - Session Fee (due at the time of your photo session).  This is a 2 hour photo shoot at a St. Louis area location. 

After your session, I'll  choose the best 30 files to apply complete photo enhancements.  This includes both retouching  (to skin, eyes and teeth) and artistic enhancements to give the photo a more polished look.  

In approximately two weeks, you'll receive access to a private gallery of your photos.  From that gallery, you may choose to purchase a variety of products including prints, digital files and other photo items.  

Below is some sample pricing of some of our most popular items:   
4 x 6s - $8
5 x 7s - $15
8 x 10s - $20

Newborn Sessions:  

​I price newborn sessions exactly like my Family Sessions at  $75 for a 2 hour session.  Some photographers charge a lot more because they say newborn sessions take longer.  And that's true, sometimes they do and if that happens, I charge an additional  $25 for each half hour over the original 2 hours. 

 Whether we continue really depends on what you want out of the session.  I won't charge you for extra time without discussing it with you first and letting you decide if you want to continue.  We'll have photos from the first 2 hours but they might not be those posed sleeping newborn pictures that have become so popular.  As you know, babies don't always cooperate when you want them too.  They just might decide to stay awake and those will also be beautiful pictures too.  If you want to continue trying for the sleeping baby pictures, we can do that.  


I charge $150 for a half hour photo session but that also includes three digital files.  We'll quickly go through the photos at the end of the session and you can choose the 3 you would like retouched and enhanced or you can leave the selection up to me.  

Weddings and Events:  

While I don't specialize in weddings, I do occasionally photograph smaller, more intimate weddings.  

If your wedding plans are on a smaller scale, please give me a call. Together we will come up with some very memorable portrait ideas and of course beautiful pictures of the ceremony and fun candid shots of the reception.  

My price for weddings is $1200.  This price includes my services for four hours (any time over the four hours is $200/hour) and a set of edited digital files on a USB drive.  Prints and other photo products are also available for purchase.

Events - Please call or e-mail for a quote.  There are a lot of variables with events so I need to understand what you're looking for to give you the best possible price.  

Real Estate:  

Pricing for Real Estate is located under the Real Estate tab.