​Sue Lesch Photography

Real Estate Pricing:  

​In real estate sales,  the best way to entice clients to visit a property is with great pictures.  I use a combination of digital and lite HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos to give you the best showcase for your property.  High Dynamic Range gives a depth and structure to the photo that you don’t get with typical photography but it can be overused.  I strike a balance with my photos so they have a natural look but with the richness and depth of HDR.    I also use properly aligned wide angle lenses to show as much of each room as possible but without the  distracting curvature that you see in some wide angle photographs.  

I photograph the entire property inside and out.  I also look for those unique details that would interest a potential buyer.  I know time is money in the competitive real estate market, so I strive to deliver real estate photos to my clients within 24 hours.  

​For an additional charge, I will also take a twilight photo.  Twilight photos show an evening view of the house.  The warmth of the lights shining through the windows is a welcoming  way to invite buyers to see your listing as a potential home.  Twilight photos also stand out in a listing.  It's a view of the property that most listings don't show.  

Another service I provide is virtual staging.  Virtual staging is a way to show potential buyers your vacant listing's true potential.  Using digital technology, furniture and accessories are added to photos of empty rooms.  Potential buyers can then more easily visualize themselves in the space and are more likely to want to visit your listing.  

Size                                                               Price

Up to 1500 sq. ft                                         $ 100

1500 to 2499 sq. ft                                     $ 125

2500 to 3499 sq. ft                                      $ 150

3500 to 4499 sq. ft                                      $ 225

4500 to 5500 sq. ft                                      $ 350

Twilight Photo                                              $  50

​Virtual Staging                                              $  35/photo